November 12, 2020



For some time, I have been wanting to redesign and redevelop my personal website. Over the past few months, some friends and I decided to start a business that handles web development, web design, digital marking, and many other services. For this business, we had decided to use WordPress for most of our websites for better turnaround and ease of use. I had never really used WordPress outside of the occasional blog so I used this as the opportunity to delve into WordPress a little more. That is why I decided to scrap my old website and redo it using WordPress.

I must say that I am HIGHLY impressed with the power of WordPress and the things that you can do with it. I mean, I would be remiss in saying I didn’t expect it. Most open-source software tends to have huge community backing. With this in mind, I was able to redo my entire website in less than and day and I must say, I think it looks A LOT better than my previously developed website.

I wanted to make this introductory blog entry to not only outline why the website has changed so much but also because I want to get my first of hopefully many blog posts complete. I will mainly be focusing on tech news, tutorials, and any random thoughts that come to mind. Thank you for stopping by!

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